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Welcome to Pinoyhoops Website!

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    Buy Now!! Brand New Men's and Ladies Shoes,,
    and Many More.,,

    Assorted Colored Rubber Shoes
    Assorted Colored Rubber Shoes
    Assorted Colored Rubber Shoes
    Assorted Colored Rubber Shoes
    Liquid Dishcleanser,Hand Sanitizer,Facial Wash and Soap

  • Just send your message for immediate transaction below "send your message" box.

  • All Items are for Door to Door Delivery or Meet-ups, depend upon your request.

  • Transactions inside and outside Metro Manila will be delivered through 2Go Express or JRS Express Door To Door Delivery.

  • Transactions outside the Philippines will be delivered through DHL or LBC International Door To Door Delivery.

  • Door to Door Delivery Fee( Smart Padala or Paypal )including Smart Padala Remittance Fee will be shouldered by you.

  • Meet ups transactions has a requirement of 300 pesos minimum purchase.

  • Meet ups will be at LRT Roosevelt Station and MRT Quezon Avenue Station.

  • Meet ups will going to be held every Saturday at 4 pm to 5:30 pm ( LRT Roosevelt Station) and 6:30 to 7:30( MRT Quezon Avenue Station).

  • Transactions for Door to Door Delivery can be paid also Through Paypal Button Below.

  • Upon the date of confirmation of payments, shipment of items will be send through Door to Door Delivery or on Meet up you will have to send a text or an email confirmation to go to meet on Saturday to, Thank you.

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