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Welcome to PinoyHoops Website!

Kangaroo carrying ball

   Thank you for visiting my website.If you like different designs of basketball jersey, basketball T-shirt and internet basketball games,then this is your site .Just click on the menu on the left or click on the link below the image of jersey and tees below and find different design of jerseys and tees.It's my own design!

    Recent Posts;

"Click on the links below the jersey or tees
images to view both design"

Doublestar Jersey Design    Doublestar Tees Design
Doublestar Jersey Design        Doublestar Tees Design

Jason Terry and Jv Casio as jersey and tees model

  Featured Basketball Jersey and T-Shirt Design worn by Jason Terry and JV Casio

   On this website you will find variety of basketball jersey(uniform) design and basketball tees design,variety of colors combination,different neck design like v-neck,round neck,v-neck with triangle and other kinds of basketball and tees neck design.All designs are in two set of colors,one colored and one in white in both identical design.

   Also on this website you can read my blogs (Basketblog) about different topic in basketball. You can find it on the upper left side of every pages of the site.

   All designs on this site are protected by copyright, you can use designs on this site for your own personal use. You cannot use it for commercial purposes as mentioned in the copyright notice link below. If you wish to use designs on this website, just send your intentions on email address or on email address or mailing address at Copyright Notice link or in Contact link left side above every pages of this website. Thank you.

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